Equestrian Gear UPDATE

This morning a got a box of goodies from State Line Tack. Right on time! Everything I ordered arrived exactly as expected and I had the opportunity to try it out for the lesson tonight.

The Troxel Legacy Gold helmet is pretty, but it turned out to be too small. I love, love, love the matte black finish so I’m exchanging it for the next size up. If I was smart I would have ordered both sizes since I was right on the border, but live and learn! It looks like we’ll all have to wait until I get the new one before I can start filming my adventures.

The breeches are NICE. They aren’t fleece like fleece pajamas – they feel more like polyester spandex material, but slightly thicker? That’s the best way I can think to describe it. They fit perfectly, were warm, comfortable, and flattering. The only ONLY problem I might have is that they did pill up a bit where my leg was rubbing on the saddle, but in their defense it was actually uncomfortable for me as well. I was concerned that they’d be more slippery than I was used to and I actually though they were for a second there. I’m still quite the amateur so I was working on my sitting trot and I could swear is was slipping and sliding more than normal. As it turns out I was just not riding correctly and once I realized what I was doing wrong I had no problem. Anyway, I’m NEVER wearing jeans to ride in again. These things are amazing!

The riding crop is as expected. It’s a tiny bit longer than I thought, but not out of the realm of normal or reasonable crops. The forest green color is lovely and subtle. Since it was dark outside it actually looked black at first glance. It got the job done, though. Cactus started acting out once during the lesson and was prancing sideways like a fool (I guess tracking right was too much for him?) so I had the opportunity to use the crop for the first time. Poor thing wasn’t expecting it because he squealed like you wouldn’t believe. I actually thought I had hurt him, but I tried it on myself later and I think he was just caught off-guard. Poor, poor Cactus. He did listen for the rest of the lesson

The Whip Clip is also good. I only pulled it off my boot along with the crop once because I didn’t twist and pull, but otherwise it stayed put and held the crop quite nicely. If you’re like me and you’re terrified of losing your crop and also have a habit of letting it lie around, I’d definitely recommend the Whip Clip.

Needless to say, the lesson went well! Cactus and I are getting along, I’m making friends (acquaintances?) with the other people during lessons, and I’m making decent progress. After the lesson, when the instructor was telling everyone what they needed to work on she didn’t have anything to tell me. Apparently, I keep improving with every lesson so I just need to keep it up! In February I am to start jumping lessons (yay!) and I am in talks about moving up to twice a week. Maybe once just flat lessons and once jumping would be worthwhile.

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