Equestrian Gear

Earlier this week I took the plunge and ordered some riding goodies since I accepted my fate as a person who rides horses. I’ve owned a pair of Ariat Heritage II boots for years now and I have a couple pairs of gloves (spring/fall and winter) and I HAD a helmet, but this is the first time I’ve owned/will own a riding crop and breeches. Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve ordered:

  • Devon-Aire Ladies Power Fleece Breeches (because it’s cold in Ohio sometimes)
  • Troxel Legacy Gold Duratec helmet
  • Roma Rainbow Stick (a pretty green riding crop)
  • The WHIP CLIP (lets you clip your crop onto the side of your boot!)

Everything SHOULD arrive by the end of the day on Thursday (keep your fingers crossed for earlier since I go riding at 6PM) so I can give a full report on whether or not anything sucks.

Another point of note is that Jason has a GoPro HD Hero camera thing (he got it to stick on his car when driving I think) and he decided to order a helmet mount so that I can record my riding escapades. Here’s a link to an example:

Cross Country Helmet Cam

Wish me luck!

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